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Animal Vocabulary! (Pet Edition!)

Hello Lovies!

Today's lesson we are going to learn some Japanese vocabulary for animals, specifically pets! 


Vocab List:
English: cat (kitten)
Rōmaji: neko (koneko)
Kana: ねこ(こねこ)
Kanji: 猫
English: dog
Rōmaji: inu (koinu)
Kana: いぬ(こいぬ)
Kanji: 犬
English: rabbit
Rōmaji: usagi 
Kana: うさぎ
Kanji: 兎
English: snake
Rōmaji: hebi
Kana: へび
Kanji: 蛇
English: bird
Rōmaji: tori
Kana: とり
Kanji: 鳥
I lowered my vocabulary list in each video to around five words a because I didn't want the videos to be too long. I'm aiming for bite sized lessons you can easily master! If you are looking to go more indepth I will be posting a video very soon about what tools I use to study and how I study! Stay tuned!
まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)



Duffy and Shellie May the Disney Bears!

Hello Lovelies!

Look at me blogging what is it... three days in a row? Look at me go! (I'm a poet obvisously) 

Today I wanted to blog about my favorite Disney bears! I talked about Duffy a little bit in an entry a while back but since then I have made a video all about him and his girlfriend Shellie May! 

All about Duffy & Shellie May & how to spot a fake!

I made this video in July so some of the info is out of date. You can now get a Shellie May in the Aulani resort in Hawaii and in Hong Kong! The likeliness of knowing someone who lives or is visiting Hawaii is a lot more probable than knowing someone traveling Japan so it is a lot easier to get a Shellie May in the states now! Rumor has it she will appear in Disneyland Paris next! I seriously hope she will be coming state side soon! 

If you haven't seen it I also have an instagram dedicated to Duffy and Shellie May. Unfortunately my Duffy went missing from my backback during my last visit to Disney ˚‧º·(˚ ˃ ̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ ゜so I haven't posted as much in the last few weeks but soon I will get another and all will be well in world.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Duffy and Shellie May the Disney bears! I am Disney obsessed so there will probably be a lot more posts about Disney related stuff soon! What's your favorie Disney character?


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まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Polymer Clay

Hello lovelies!

I have been crazy obsessed with polymer clay lately!

I love making geeky and kawaii things with polymer clay so here is a video about some of the things I've made so far! 

Working with polymer clay is super fun and a great way to express yourself but it takes quite a bit of supplies and tools! Here is a video about what supplies I use and how I organize stuff! 



In celebration of Shark Week this year I made a special polymer clay cookie shark tutorial! Check it out and if you make your own be sure to share it with me!

I highly suggest taking up polymer clay as a hobby because it's super fun and there are lots of great tutorials! I will make more tutorials soon including a holiday gift guide so you can make gifts for your friends!

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)



Let's not make this weird guys...

In my newest video I show girls how to have epic cleavage without the use of special bras, inserts that look like weird meat, or weird Japanese boob pills... they exist... not even kidding... They even have have magic boob growing cookies! I wonder if they are delicious... ʕु•̫͡•ʔु


Aparantly they are all natural! (^艸^)


Hmmm.... now that I've gone to that part of the internet let's see what other weird boobie enlargement things I can find... This is a great idea. ( ̄□||||!!


This is a massager that is supposed to stumulate growth? Maybe? I've seen a lot of these at Japanese stores and I've even played with one! (*ノ∀`*) 

( ・◇・)? At first I didn't think this was real! I guess it exists though! It says it is clenically proven and super real! Doubt it! If you've tried it comment! Tell me! LOL

..and then there is my favorite...


$1.50 Daiso inflatable boobies! Anyone can use them! 

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)

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