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Dolly Eye & I-Codi Circle Lens Review - Uniqso

Hey guys! It's been a while since I blogged huh? I've gotten so many emails from you guys through the contact page telling me I need to blog more! Sorry! I will try to blog more often! I'm glad you guys are enjoying my blog posts so much and love your sweet messages! 

Today I will be reviewing the Dolly Eye Crystal.i in blue and the I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 21 in forest green. Both are gorgeous and I can't wait to share them with you! 

Uniqso has been a great resource for me when getting circle lenses. I have reviewed Uniqso before and if you want to know all about the site and how it works check out this blog entery HERE


Dolly Eye Crystal.i in blue

I've already recieved many compliments on these wonderful lenses! They are very comfortable and compliment both green and blue eyes well as they don't have an inner ring. I forgot to photograph myself opening these but here are a few pictures of me wearing them. 

I really like how they light up my bright eyes! Also they are very natural looking! If you are looking for something natural these will compliment blue eyes the best but they also blend really nicely with green eyes!

Click here these contacts now! 

(don't forget to use cupon code AgentS to get 10% off!) 

I also talked about these contacts in my February favorites video check it out! I show the contacts close up and in action along with the super cute packaging! 

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 21 in forest green

I picked these out for a video that is coming soon (NO SPOILERS FOR YOU! :P) and they blew my mind! I have never gotten so many compliments on contacts before and most people don't even know they are contacts!

Click here to get these contacts now!

Don't forget to use code AgentS to get 10% off!

Thanks for check out my blog post! Don't forget to click the links above to check out Uniqso! Seriously it's my favorite contacts site and they have a lot of other cool stuff like kigurumis and wigs! So much fun stuff! I can't wait to show you my next collaboration with them! *psst* It has something to do with a really cool anime! If you're curious about how to use circle lenses and care for them check out this video!

Also make sure you check out Uniqso's current promotions to save even more money!


まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Penny Wigs Half Wig!

Hello Agents! 

Is it cool if I call you agents? I mean there is a little secret agent in all of us right?

Recently on my YouTube channel I reviewed a half wig from Penny Wigs! Check it out below!

I really love the Indigo Charm half wig! I've worn it in other videos and all up in my Snapchat! [SnapChat ID: AgentShawnee] It's really fun to have super long hair! Also it's great for when I don't feel like messing with all my hair. Curly hair is rough ok?! 

They have lots of other wigs, falls, and dreads available! You should check them out!

Visit Penny Wigs and use the coupon code AgentS to get 10% off!


Uniqso Lenses

Hello Lovies! 

Today I posted a video about how to pick circle lenses that blend with light green of blue eyes and I wanted to make a blog post to kind of expand on that video! 

This is my first video where I am not wearing any makeup! (O_Oil!) Hopefully you are not scarred for life :;(∩´﹏`∩);: 

Below as promised are some looks with the circle lenses in the video along with how Uniqso works. 

How Uniqso Works:

First you visit Uniqso's website: HERE and use the code "AgentS" to save 10% on your order ^-^

They arrive via DHL Express (you can probably choose from different shipping selections) which is super nice because it's registered so you know you will get it! Also I find DHL to be more reliable than USPS.

Inside is another padded envelope so you know your lenses are safe and sound!

The lenses come in super cute boxes thanking you for your purchase. They also come with a free contact case each so you can store them safely and sanitary...ily? That's not a word heh... 

Each pair of lenses come in glass viles which can be super tricky to open! In a few weeks I will do a video that shows you how to open them and care for your lenses and post a blog here! ^-^

Once you open them you can store them in your free case in some soft contact solution. Again I will do a video soon... ^-^

That's it! Ordering from Uniqso is super easy and they come rather quickly!

Circle Lenses with Makeup:

So I only have two to show you with makeup at the moment... New year's resolution... TAKE MORE SELFIES! (Oh that's a sad resolution... lol) 

Barbie Nova in Violet 

These are the Barbie Nova lenses in violet (currently sold out but here is a great alternative: Bueberry Bella in Violet) These are my FAVORITE! I wear them almost every day! I love how they fade to clear to give me a cool purple looking outline to my eyes. Most people don't even realize I'm wearing contacts and compliment me on my eyes! 

Dolly Eye Ariale in Blue

Ok the picture on the right is just silly! I was excited to be at Disneyland on my birthday OK?? :p  These are the Dolly Eye Ariale circle lenses in Blue I love these because they look like gem stones in my eyes! I kind of wish I had brown eyes so they would stand out but alas I am stuck with my mutant two different colored eyes lol! I love these and they are super comfortable and easy to wear. 

Don't forget to visit Uniqso and use code AgentS to save 10% ^-^

What are your favorite circle lenses? Let me know in the comments!

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Madam Glam Cruelty Free Nail Polish Review

Hello Lovies! 

Today I am going to be reviewing Madam Glam nail polish! I am a HUGE advocate for cruelty free products so I was super excited to find a nail polish that is cruelty free! They have lots of fun colors over on their site both in regular nail polish and gel polish. Today I will be reviewing the regular polish but I hope to try out the gel next! I've never done my own gel nail polish but my friends speak volumes about how awesome it is!

They arrived in this box of three colors and were each individually wrapped in bubble wrap but I took that out so you can see the polishes inside. The shipping was rather fast and they came in the mailbox which I like. (Answering the door in your Kigurumi is always a little weird ok?!) 

I picked out three purple themed colors for an upcoming video and because having purple nails saves me a lot of trouble of constantly redoing my nails every time I wash my hair. I love Pravana hair color sooooo much but it will stain anything and everything it can get it's little molecules on so my nails are ALWAYS stained purple >.< lol! When my nail polish is already purple you can't see the stains!

1. Midnight

2. C'est Extral

3. Fruit Cocktail

Fruit cocktail looks super colorful but it has a purple base which I really like! My favorite combo so far is midnight as a base and C'est Extral on top! I went to take a picture of it but photographing glittery polish is super hard! I think I need a better lens... So I made a gif but it still doesn't show exactly how cool this color looks!

I will show you the colors in a video very soon so you can get a real idea about how awesome it looks! Also the nail polish didn't even chip the first day which EVERY other nail polish has so far! I'm a HUGE crafter and use my hands a lot! It also didn't chip into my clay projects as well which is great! Often I can't wear polish when I'm working with clay because it will come off in the clay but Madam Glam didn't at all!

Things I love about Madam Glam!
♥ CRUELTY FREE! (my favorite part! save the bunnies!)
♥ Affordable prices and fast shipping.
♥ Super cute colors!
♥ Goes on REALLY smooth! It didn't have any clumps. 
♥ Dries pretty quickly.
♥ Super durable! 

So that's my review of Madam Glam! I hope you enjoyed it! There is a lot more to come! Can't wait to show you guys these polishes in my videos! 

To buy Madam Glam:

 Madam Glam Cruelty Free Nail Polish
Coupon Code: YT30OFF
for 30% your ENTIRE order!

 まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)

*This polish was sent to me by Madam Glam but this review is of my own opinions and experiences*