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Animal Vocabulary! (Pet Edition!)

Hello Lovies!

Today's lesson we are going to learn some Japanese vocabulary for animals, specifically pets! 


Vocab List:
English: cat (kitten)
Rōmaji: neko (koneko)
Kana: ねこ(こねこ)
Kanji: 猫
English: dog
Rōmaji: inu (koinu)
Kana: いぬ(こいぬ)
Kanji: 犬
English: rabbit
Rōmaji: usagi 
Kana: うさぎ
Kanji: 兎
English: snake
Rōmaji: hebi
Kana: へび
Kanji: 蛇
English: bird
Rōmaji: tori
Kana: とり
Kanji: 鳥
I lowered my vocabulary list in each video to around five words a because I didn't want the videos to be too long. I'm aiming for bite sized lessons you can easily master! If you are looking to go more indepth I will be posting a video very soon about what tools I use to study and how I study! Stay tuned!
まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Kigu Time Japanese Lesson: Body Parts

Hello Lovies! 

Today on Kigu Time we learn body parts with our dear bear Shellie May! I hope you enjoy it! 

Kigu Time Japanese Lesson: Body Parts

Vocab List:

English: head
Rōmaji: atama
Kana: あたま
Kanji: 頭

English: face
Rōmaji: kao
Kana: かお
Kanji: 顔

English: eye
Rōmaji: me
Kana: め
Kanji: 目

English: nose
Rōmaji: hana
Kana: はな
Kanji: 鼻

English: mouth
Rōmaji: kuchi
Kana: くち
Kanji: 口

English: ear
Rōmaji: mimi
Kana: みみ
Kanji: 耳

English: hair
Rōmaji: kami
Kana: かみ
Kanji: 髪

English: chest
Rōmaji: mune
Kana: むね
Kanji: 胸

English: back
Rōmaji: senaka
Kana: せなか
Kanji: 背中

English: arm
Rōmaji: ude
Kana: うで
Kanji: 腕

English: hand
Rōmaji: te
Kana: て
Kanji: 手

English: finger
Rōmaji: yubi
Kana: ゆび
Kanji: 指

English: stomach
Rōmaji: onaka
Kana: おなか
Kanji: お腹

English: knee
Rōmaji: hiza
Kana: ひざ
Kanji: 膝

English: leg (also can mean foot!)
Rōmaji: ashi
Kana: あし
Kanji: 脚

English: toe
Rōmaji: tsumasaki
Kana: つまさき
Kanji: つま先


English: tooth
Rōmaji: ha
Kana: は
Kanji: 歯

English: skin
Rōmaji: hada
Kana: はだ
Kanji: 肌

I hope you like this lesson! Want to learn something else? Leave your suggestion in the comments or in the contact form at the top of the page!

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まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)