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Christmas Decorating On a Budget at Daiso Japan!

Daiso Japan in Korea Town, Los Angeles


Hello lovies! Today I wanted to make a blog post about one of my favorite stores, Daiso Japan! Daiso is a mostly a $1.50 store (with a few exceptions) but it's insanely cooler than our 99¢ stores! I've talked about it before breifly in this post but I wanted to expand on it. They have a ton of super kawaii stuff and it's awesome for a kawaii girl on a budget! You can even get super kawaii christmas decorations and decorate your whole house for probably less than $20 lol! 

Xmas decorations at Daiso this year...

Can you spot the left over Halloween decorations?

Aren't they just aodrable? I love them and at $1.50 you can't really beat that! You could set up a really nice decoration scheme with all that cute stuff! If you do you should tweet me pictures! I would love to see them! Here is an old Daiso tour video I did a few months ago so you can see the other cute stuff they have there!

I shop at Daiso all the time and I'm super excited they just opened a store closer to me in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles! It's so big and nice I feel like I should make a whole other video about it! It's also a great place to get crafting and super cute office supplies! Daiso is an essential for a kawaii girl on a budget! I know they are only in a few states here in the USA now but they are all over the world as well! Hopefully they expand and become more common than the 99¢ Store because that place can be pretty lame in comparisson.


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