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Animal Vocabulary! (Pet Edition!)

Hello Lovies!

Today's lesson we are going to learn some Japanese vocabulary for animals, specifically pets! 


Vocab List:
English: cat (kitten)
Rōmaji: neko (koneko)
Kana: ねこ(こねこ)
Kanji: 猫
English: dog
Rōmaji: inu (koinu)
Kana: いぬ(こいぬ)
Kanji: 犬
English: rabbit
Rōmaji: usagi 
Kana: うさぎ
Kanji: 兎
English: snake
Rōmaji: hebi
Kana: へび
Kanji: 蛇
English: bird
Rōmaji: tori
Kana: とり
Kanji: 鳥
I lowered my vocabulary list in each video to around five words a because I didn't want the videos to be too long. I'm aiming for bite sized lessons you can easily master! If you are looking to go more indepth I will be posting a video very soon about what tools I use to study and how I study! Stay tuned!
まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Animal Cafés in Japan!

Hello Lovies,

Have you heard about Japanese animal cafés? I know a lot of people have heard of cat cafés but there are lots of different kinds of animal cafés in Japan! I want to go to them all! I even made a very special episode of Kigu Time where I explore different kinds of animal cafés!

Also as a bonus for those who have already seen that episode I wanted to include a list of awesome and unusual animal cafés in Japan! I hope you enjoy it!

Penguin Bar Ikebukuro

Ok so this is a bar and not a café but I feel like it fits. You can drink with penguins!

Prices: Drinks 800 yen and up

Hours: Everyday 6:00pm-4:00am

Location: Toshima-ku Ikebukuro 2-38-2 COSMY 1st Flr.
東京都豊島区池袋2-38-2COSMY 1階

Falconer’s Cafe

Falconer's cafe is where you can get up close to a real falcon and enjoy some delicious curry.

Price: Food and drinks start at 800 yen

Hours: Mondays & Tuesdays - Closed
Wednesday - Sunday 1pm - 7pm

Location: Mitaka-shi Shimorenjaku 1-11-8
東京都三鷹市下連雀 1-11-8

Fukuro No Mise

You can spend an hour with owls and sip coffee and have owl themed treats!

Price: Drinks are about 1,000 yen

Hours: Mondays & Tuesdays - Closed
Wednesday &
Thursday 2pm - 6pm
Friday 2pm - 9pm
Saturday Noon - 9pm
Sunday Noon - 6pm

Location: Tōkyō-to Chūō-ku Tsukishima 1-27-9
東京都中央区月島 1-27-9

Udagawa Café

Udagawa café offers a unique experience where you can dine and drink with goats! Hopefully they don't yell.

Price: Food and drinks range from 500 yen to 1,200 yen

Hours: Breakfast 8: 30am - 11: 30am
Lunch (weekdays only) 11:30am - 2pm

Closed 2:00pm to 5:30 pm
Dinner 5:30pm to 11pm
Late Night 11pm to 4am

Location: Shibuya-ku Sakuragaoka 23-3 Shinoda Building 1st Floor
渋谷区桜丘町 23-3 篠田ビル1F

Rabbit and Grow Fat Café

RAAGF Café is a cafe where you can go hangout with and adopt bunnies!

Price: 700 yen for 30 minutes

Hours: Weekdays Noon - 7:30PM
Weekends 11am - 8pm


[Jiyugoaka Location] Jiyugaoka 1-26-3 Jiyugaoka Masumoto Building 5th Flr.
東京都目黒区自由ヶ丘1-26-3 自由が丘升本ビル5F

[Harajuku Location] Shibuya Jingumae 6-14-15 Maison Harajuku 3td Flr
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-14-15 メゾン原宿3F

I can't wait to visit these awesome animal cafés when I go to Japan! Which would you go to or would you go to them all?

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)


Christmas Decorating On a Budget at Daiso Japan!

Daiso Japan in Korea Town, Los Angeles


Hello lovies! Today I wanted to make a blog post about one of my favorite stores, Daiso Japan! Daiso is a mostly a $1.50 store (with a few exceptions) but it's insanely cooler than our 99¢ stores! I've talked about it before breifly in this post but I wanted to expand on it. They have a ton of super kawaii stuff and it's awesome for a kawaii girl on a budget! You can even get super kawaii christmas decorations and decorate your whole house for probably less than $20 lol! 

Xmas decorations at Daiso this year...

Can you spot the left over Halloween decorations?

Aren't they just aodrable? I love them and at $1.50 you can't really beat that! You could set up a really nice decoration scheme with all that cute stuff! If you do you should tweet me pictures! I would love to see them! Here is an old Daiso tour video I did a few months ago so you can see the other cute stuff they have there!

I shop at Daiso all the time and I'm super excited they just opened a store closer to me in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles! It's so big and nice I feel like I should make a whole other video about it! It's also a great place to get crafting and super cute office supplies! Daiso is an essential for a kawaii girl on a budget! I know they are only in a few states here in the USA now but they are all over the world as well! Hopefully they expand and become more common than the 99¢ Store because that place can be pretty lame in comparisson.


まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Kigu Time Japanese Lesson: Body Parts

Hello Lovies! 

Today on Kigu Time we learn body parts with our dear bear Shellie May! I hope you enjoy it! 

Kigu Time Japanese Lesson: Body Parts

Vocab List:

English: head
Rōmaji: atama
Kana: あたま
Kanji: 頭

English: face
Rōmaji: kao
Kana: かお
Kanji: 顔

English: eye
Rōmaji: me
Kana: め
Kanji: 目

English: nose
Rōmaji: hana
Kana: はな
Kanji: 鼻

English: mouth
Rōmaji: kuchi
Kana: くち
Kanji: 口

English: ear
Rōmaji: mimi
Kana: みみ
Kanji: 耳

English: hair
Rōmaji: kami
Kana: かみ
Kanji: 髪

English: chest
Rōmaji: mune
Kana: むね
Kanji: 胸

English: back
Rōmaji: senaka
Kana: せなか
Kanji: 背中

English: arm
Rōmaji: ude
Kana: うで
Kanji: 腕

English: hand
Rōmaji: te
Kana: て
Kanji: 手

English: finger
Rōmaji: yubi
Kana: ゆび
Kanji: 指

English: stomach
Rōmaji: onaka
Kana: おなか
Kanji: お腹

English: knee
Rōmaji: hiza
Kana: ひざ
Kanji: 膝

English: leg (also can mean foot!)
Rōmaji: ashi
Kana: あし
Kanji: 脚

English: toe
Rōmaji: tsumasaki
Kana: つまさき
Kanji: つま先


English: tooth
Rōmaji: ha
Kana: は
Kanji: 歯

English: skin
Rōmaji: hada
Kana: はだ
Kanji: 肌

I hope you like this lesson! Want to learn something else? Leave your suggestion in the comments or in the contact form at the top of the page!

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まったね! ヾ(^_^)
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Japanese DIY Candy Kits!

Hello Lovelies! 

Today I wanted to talk about Japanese DIY candy kits! They are super fun and a great way to entertain yourself for a little while. I like them because when I complete one I feel like I really earned the sweet I am about to have! My favorite ones are the NeruNeruNeru and Dodotto Tsubupyon. NeruNeruNeru is fun because it has a fizzy element and a candy element! I really like candies that fizz in your mouth so it's really fun for me. I like to Dodotto Tsubupyon because it also has the fizzy element and it comes with a really cute toy sea creature dropper to make the candy with (⌒▽⌒)☆

Here is my video about Japanese DIY Candy Kits!


IF you have these candies at home but can't read Japanese don't worry! I made individual videos for all the candies that show you step by step how to make them! 


Dodotto Tsubupyon (どどっと つぶぴょん) Tutorial!


Nerunerunerune (ねるねるねるね) Tutorial!


Oekaki Gummy Land (おえかきグミランド) Tutorial!


Tanoshii Cake-Ya San (たのしい カーキやさん)Tutorial!


All in all I really love Japanese DIY candy kits except for some of the kracie poppin' cookin' ones. Sometimes they just taste like nothing or really bland and boring and sometimes their texture isn't good. They are still fun to make and it's stull funny to make things like candy sushi.

I hope you liked this post If you want me to post something specific leave me a comment or visit the contact page on here to let me know! 


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