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So You Want Free Stuff...

It's been awhile since I blogged... It's been awhile since I've done anything for myself in this great internet space. I've been mostly an absentee due to my new job at We Love Fine. Geek fashion is awesome and I love my new job but it's also a ton of work! Good thing I love to work!

My new job at We Love Fine is doing their social and PR. Part of my job is deciding who will recieve free product in order to help us promote our brand. As someone who has been an influencer (I've posted a ton of branded content over the last year or so and I've made some great money!) and been on the other side of this exchange... I thought I would put together a blog post to help people to learn some best practices. Also I apologize in advance for this post not being visual. I know I usually include screen grabs and all that jazz to help but I just don't have the time to do all that this time around.

How To Get Brand Deals/Sponsorships

There are a few ways to go about getting sponsorships for your YouTube channel, popular social media profiles, or web series. Below are some examples but I'm pretty sure there are more and more sites popping up everyday to help influencers make brand deals.

1. You can use sites like FameBit which allow you to apply for sponsorships and get paid to promote product. There are quite a few sites like this but this one happens to be my favorite and the most reliable one I've worked with.

2. If you are apart of a network (IE Maker Studios, Fullscreen etc etc etc) you can work with a brand manager to help you aquire paid and unpaid sponsorships for your projects.

3. You can reach out direcrtly to brands yourself.

The Proposal

I cannot stress enough how important this part is. It really will make or break the deal when it comes to brand deals. I cannot possibly tell you what every brand is looking for but I can tell you what I look for when an influencer sends me a proposal.

Introduction: Your intro should include who you are, why you are passionate about whatever project you are doing, and why you love the brand you want to work with. Most people are passionate about the company they work for and they want to see that same passion in someone who is going to promote them. Show the brand you know your stuff and include personal positive experiences you've had with the brand previously. Professionalism and personal experience really stand out when I'm looking through the hundreds of brand proposals I get!

Showcase Your Best Work: It's always best to cherry pick some of your work that best shows that your content is already tied to the brands message or style. For example if you want to review a makeup box subscription it would be best to send them some makeup tutorials or posts to show that your audience is into that sort of thing. This not only proves to the brand that you are actually going to drive sales but it also saves them the time of going through all your content trying to figure out if you'd be a good brand embassedor or not. Anything you can do to save time for the PR person is blessing and they will love you even more!

Data! DATA! DATA! This is SO important and almost every proposal I get does not include this info. Luckily some sites like FameBit include it already but if you're cold emailing a brand it's very important to include any metrics you have available to you. These metrics include number of followers, views, comments, likes, and click-throughs. You should always include screen shots as well. That really shows the brand they can trust you. If possible it's really good to make a press kit.

(Click photo to enlarge)

This is my presskit from Dec 2014 (I really need to update that... lol!) It's good to keep it to one page becuase your proposal will have more info and screen shots to prove your stats! Think of your presskit as a snapshot of what you can offer and your proposal as your first date with a brand that you really want to impress! Do not be afraid to brag a little but always make sure you are 100% honest. When someone streatches the truth or flat out lies it's such a turn off.

Resources for data:

  • YouTube and Twitter provide beaufitul analytics that are easy to screen shot!

  • Use a link shortner like bit.ly or goo.gl to track links in sponsored content.

  • Social Blue Book This site also gives you an idea of what you should be charging! Super useful! It also give you analytics for multiple social networks including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine!

I cannot stress enough how the more info you can provide the more likely you're going to acquire that brand deal. Even if your info is less than what you think it should be, it's very important to include it. You never know what the brand is expecting but they are always expecting you to be honest and straight forward!

Follow-Up: A lot of PR people are super busy and get A LOT of email! If you haven't received a response within a week I would send a follow-up just to make sure they received your email. I wouldn't keep bugging anyone after that. Make sure your follow-up is polite and professional!

Here are some other notes I have when it comes to obtaining brand deals/sponsorships...

  • Make sure the brand is something that jives with your channel or personal brand. Anything that doesn't will not sell and it will make you look bad to brands and your fans.

  • It's Ok to promote a brand in exchange for for product and no money if you are really passionate about the brand or just getting started.

  • It's also OK to ask for a fee! Making videos take a lot of time and work! Don't forget to think about the value of the product you are receiving. (If you get $200 worth of product in exchange for a 1 minute video that's pretty awesome!)

  • Don't take it personally when a company turns you down or asks you to come back when you have more followers. Every brand is looking for different things and it is business! They have to think about how much revenue they will generate from you!

  • Promoting with an afilliate link is also an awesome thing! I haven't worked with Uniqso in over 8 months and I still see monthly revenue from my affilliate link in my old videos.

    • You can also make ads on your blog with your affilliate link! It's a great way to earn some extra $$

  • Don't be offended when a company asks you to do a video for free when you've asked for money. Use your best judgement if you want to proceed or not but NEVER feel like you have to! You can always say no!

  • When making sponsored content try to be creative! The more creative your video is, the more engaged your audience will be and the better the product will sell!

  • When you've finished your sponsored content ALWAYS follow up with the brand. Send them links and if you had a good experience start the conversation about the next time you will work together!

Alright! That was a long post! I hope it helps! if you have any questions feel free to comment or to email me!

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)


My Favorite Japanese Stores & Malls!

Today I posted a video of Kigu Time where I take you on a tour of the Japanese mall/store thing that I always went to as a child! Check it out:

So I decided to share some of my other favorite Japanese malls and stores around Southern California! So if you live in Los Angeles/Southern California this will be a handy guide for you! Maybe? Sure.


❀ ✿Marukai✿ ❀ 


These are pictures from the large one in Gardena, CA but there are a ton of locations! I chose the pictures of Gardena because it has a beautiful mosaic look to it and it is two stories! It is definitely my favorite Marukai! The bottom floor consists of a food court and insanely large market (which includes food, electronics, dish-ware, cosmetics, body care, vitamins and so on. You get the picture. They have everything.) They also have a clothing store (which is OK but kind of old ladyish. If you're an old lady it's AWESOME!) and a Sanrio/Anime/Kawaii cute store! On the top floor it is mostly insanely cool furniture but they also have Kimono and lots of fun trinkets. 

There are a lot of Marukai locations spanning from San Diego to Los Angeles some of them are like small malls and others are just grocery stores.  Want to see if you have a local Marukai? Click here!

❀ ✿Little Tokyo Galleria✿ ❀ 

Little Tokyo Galleria is located a few blocks away from the main part of Little Tokyo Los Angeles. They have an awesome two story Korean market inside (that used to be a Mitsuwa) that sells a large variety Japanese and Korean products! The top floor of the market is mainly household items but they also have a clothing section and a Sanrio section. The Little Tokyo Galleria also has Tom N Toms which is kind of like Starbucks but they are all natural and have lots of yummy snacks! They also have some drinks that are more on the wild side like a red bean frappe! There are a few restaurants, a bowling alley, Beard Papas, a juice bar, a yogurt/boba joint (the best one in Little Tokyo IMHO,) a ceramics store, a florist, a Japanese style arcade, karaoke, this odds and ends type store and random clothing shops. (Also if you go to Tom n Toms parking is free for two hours instead of one which is what most places offer!) Click here for their Yelp Profile

❀ ✿DAISO Japan✿ ❀

Daiso Japan is essentially a $1.50 store where you never know what you are going to get! One thing is for sure though... these stores are always packed to the brim with the cutest stuff ever!!! Unlike our 99¢ store which sells things that didn't sell well in the store or are surplus, Daiso offers a large variety of things that are made by them and for their store and also Japanese things that aren't expensive to begin with. This is my go-to place for so many things for around the house, awesome Japanese candy, some skin care stuff, and stationary! You should definitely check out Daiso if you are near one and you love cute things! (or even useful cheap things!) They have over 3,500 stores and more than 700 of them are outside of Japan! Click here for a store locator!

*Right now the only stores in the US are located in California and Washington but hopefully there will be more soon! 

❀ ✿Weller Court✿ ❀ 

Nestled in the high-rises of Los Angeles is Weller Court. Here you will find the famous Japanese book store Kinokuniya, Marukai, Orochon Ramen (as seen on the Food Network for their SUPER spicy ramen!) Curry House, Q Pop art gallery/shop, Demitasse the hipster siphon coffee shop, and other random shops and restaurants! They also often have really great live music and a lot of cosplayers meet up here so that's always fun! Click here for their Yelp page!

❀ ✿Japanese Village Plaza & Little Tokyo Mall✿ ❀

Located across the street from Weller Court is the Little Tokyo Mall and the Japanese Plaza Village. There is not much to the Little Tokyo Mall but there are three really cool stores inside it! Anime Jungle is a store dedicated to your inner otaku! They are so much anime stuff that it might overwhelm you! They have everything from manga to figures to blu-rays to anime girl body pillows! It's definitely worth checking out. Also if you are no longer interested in your huge anime collection they buy stuff there! They also own another store down the hall which is mostly Purikura and claw machines. In the corner of it they have a small cosplay clothing store which has some fun stuff. The other store I like is the Fairytale Boutique. While it is quite over priced (at least for their Lolita Magazines which you can find in Japanese bookstores for half the price) it is very cute! 

Outside of the Little Tokyo Mall is the Japanese Village Plaza which is home to a lot of amazing stores! They have a Nijiya market which has a HUGE selection of Japanese candy! This is probably my favorite place to go to for candy and it's usually priced better than other markets. They also have a Sanrio store but it's usually marked up compared to Sanrio stores in regular malls. Next to the Sanrio store is the best cosmetics store ever! But... I can't find the name of it. It's the best place to go for Japanese lashes and NYX cosmetics. Hands down the cheapest place I've been to. Across from there is the Tokyo Lifestyle shop! It is a lot cheaper than the one in my mall here and has a larger selection! I highly recommend it for fun Japanese products! There are a lot more great little stores in this area and a lot of insanely good restaurants. I feel like I could make a whole blog post on just this area. I might. 

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)