Hello & welcome to my blog! I'm so excited that you stopped by! I'm AgentShawnee and here you will find blog posts about my absolute favorite things! 

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UPDATE! WH00t!!! 

So I have given my site a new look! Possibly temporary and possibly not. Who knows? I'd like to do something more creative but my HTML is rusty to say the least! On another note I am starting a patition to bring Geocities back. Remember when sites were just a shit ton of gifs? Oh I know! This site needs more gifs. 


I'm also seeking to bring back the OG Hamster Dance...

Now that we have established that I miss the old internet (Strong Bad anyone? Ok I'll stop.) I shall blog about what I've been up to!!

Around Christmas I got my first Duffy bear which I have been lusting after since... well since the Sulley outfit came out for him! SULLEY! COME ON! So once I got this cute little bear I decided I could not keep him to myself to I made him a little instagram. I never knew there were so many Duffy fans out there! The response has been AWESOME and all the followers have been so lovely and so nice. 

Follow DuffyDiaries:


(Dododo dodo doooo dodododo doooooooo)


I've also really gotten into sculpting clay! I've been making figurines and jewelry galore of some of my favorite characters and things! I made an instagram for it HERE but I have not been keeping up with posting. Running multiple instagrams is tough! Why can't it be easy like twitter? WHY?! 



I've been making a ton of Disney stuff and super kawaii stuff! It's super fun! I love working with Sculpey the most but there are so many cool clays out there! There is still so much for me to learn but I was thinking about maybe making some youtube video tutorials. What do you guys think? 


If you want to buy a sculpture from me you can order custom pieces from my Etsy.

(Is hamster dance cool again yet?)

I've decided that I seriously need to blog more seeing as how I pay for my domain and squarespace and all that jazz. So I'm going to attempt to blog at least once a week. If I fall short I urge all of you to harass the shit out of me. Seriously. 


YouTube Network Catfish?! What?!

Sorry YouTube kinda sorta rant below…


Ok so I have been talking to and working with a lot of people in the industry lately and there is something I have heavily noticed in a lot of fledgling tubers… they lie about being apart of a network. I mean really? What's the point? I don't look at an account with crappy content (no hating on the crappy content! I make crappy content for Pete's sake!) and 500 subscribers and think "Oh their YouTube profile is filled out with 'I am a FullsScreen partner!' they must be hot shit! I'm going to subscribe!" No! I think "What a sucker! They probably signed some disgusting contract that they will be stuck in for years and wow sucks to be them!" 


Side note here… FullScreen normally signs people with 5k or more subscribers and they are not a bad network. I'm totally being dramatic to make fun of liars.


There is no point in being in a network if they have nothing to offer you. Let me repeat that… THERE IS NO POINT IN BEING APART OF A NETWORK IF THEY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YOU! If you aren't scoring brand deals, getting better CPM rates (that more than makes up for the percentage the network takes,) getting some uber protection from click bombs and copyright bullshit, or using a network to pay for your mechanical licensing for song covers then you are getting screwed over. Let's face it. If you are the little guy signing up for a network with thousands and thousands (I'm talking 10,000+ easy) of channels you are most likely getting some copy and paste contract that says "Let's get you in now in case you become famous so we can cash in! Yeah we will take our few buck cut until then because why not?"


So yeah… all in all I do not get the point in lying about being apart of a Network. Cuz…


A. Liars suck! Yes people will eventually find out! 

B. Being apart of a network as a tuber fledgling is nothing to brag about.

…and last but not least…

C. Liars suck… and they're stupid… and not cute… and not fun… and not cool… and the opposite of awesome… 

 So the moral of this rantish thing is not to lie. No one likes it or respects you for it. Also a little mini moral of this story is if you're a fledgling YouTuber don't just sign up for some network that promises you the moon until a lawyer makes sure that moon promise is in writing and signed and sealed!

♥ Shawnee


Howdy Y'all! 

Is that how you spell Y'all?? I feel like everyone spells it differently! 

I also feel like I start every blog post with something along the lines of "HOLY COW I HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN AGES I PROMISE TO BLOG MORE!!" Uhg I am so predictable! lol 

Here is a cute Totoro gif to make up for my lack of blogging. 

(worth it right?) 


Anyway so what have I been up to since I last blogged.... A LOT!!! 

My new babies!!! 

I don't know if I blogged about these guys or not but I recently adopted two baby chinchillas names Pikachu and Totoro and I love them so much! Check out this video of my advanture to pick them up and stuff!!

YouTube News!!

So my YouTube channel has been doing very well even though I have no uploaded very much!! #FailSauce #OhHashtagsDontWorkOnMyBlog?Oops 

My channel hit 10k subscribers!!! Wow it blows my mind!! Also THANK YOU!!! It's totally a weird place to be though. 10,000 people is a friggin huge amount of people if you think about 10,000 people standing in front of you BUT if you look at other youtubers who are successful at 100k to millions of subs it doesn't feel that huge. 

Also I just recently went to Vidcon! I had an amazing time! The concerts were great, I learned how to use my DSLR better, AND I got to go to some exclusive parties including the Maker Studios party! YAY! So much fun! 

ALSO.... (lol rediculous grammar sprectrum I have) I worked on a wonderful web series called MyMusic (Go check out season 2!! Woo!!) and I have been helping a wonderful YouTuber out named Olga Kay (She's amazing so go check her out too!) which means I have been quite the regular at the YouTube space which is super fun and awesome! I've been enjoying everything from food trucks to manicures to free beer! Such a great place!Also everyone I have worked with has been super wonderful and nice! 

One more... ALSO!!! I got a new light rig set up kit thing! I'm so excited! Hopefully my videos will be a little better now. A little... lol I've also been working on some super cool channel art that I'm super excited about! I hope to have that up by next week! YAY!


...In other news....

Since I have last blogged I have renewed my Disney Land pass and I have gone multiple times with my BF, his family, and some of my aweosme pass carrying friends! Love it! 

I got a Nintendo 3DS that I am super addicted to! I love collecting Miis and playing Animal Crossing! Do you play Animal Crossing too? Hit me up! Let's play!!

I have also gone to a lot of conventions! I have gone to E3, Comic Con, and Wonder Con! I also have Blizzcon coming up soon! I hope to see you there! So you better come! (or else...) 

(Click here if you want to see a million more photos!)

Alright I think that's about it! I am going to TRY to blog more! 

♥ Shawnee


Please vote for me for King of the Web Vlogger Edition! 

Here is a video with more info!

Vote for me now! Please?! PRETTY PLEASE?!

Incase you don't want to read or whatever here is more info typed out! Wow the miracles of the internet right??

How It Works!


  • You get to vote in each category 10 times! 
  • If you vote in all 5 categories you get 10 more votes!
  • You can spend those votes in any category!
  • So please vote for me 20 times! 
  • You get to vote daily! So please vote for me daily!


Are you convinced yet? Please vote for me! :D 

Why You Should Vote for Me!


  • I am giving 10% of my money (if I win) to charity! A charity that provides microloans to teach people how to survive on their own! Check out Global Partnerships HERE 
  • I am a really awesome peron and YouTube is my passion!
  • I will do stuff for you in return! Have a youtube channel you need me to subscribe to? A twitter you want me to follow? Want a shout out in one of my vlogs? A tumblr that needs following? Let me know!
  • I will be very grateful! 
  • Karma? If that's a thing you'll get karma points I'm sure!


Still haven't voted?! Well you still can! Please do... PLEASE?! I'M BEGGING YOU!

Now that I am done explaining all this here are some other people I endorse for other categories! 

Anyway thanks and...


❤ Shawnee


Video Spam!!!

Oh hey internet!

What's up? Looks like I haven't blogged in a hot minute! I have been posting a lot of stuff on YouTube though! So if you haven't already take a moment to subscribe so you don't miss a beat! I might even make you laugh too!

So in the past few weeks I reached a milestone in my YouTube life and hit 1,000 subscribers! WHAT?! For realz. I know that is like nothing compared to the big channels out there but I am super excited about it! I also reached 1,000 twitter followers! Amaze-balls! So a big thank you is in order for all oyu subbies and followers so...


Anyway now that I got that very subtle (not subtle at all) bragging aside... I mean act of gratitude... yeah! I want to share with you some of my video creations over the past few weeks! Please make sure you thumbs them up, favorite them, and share them! It would really help my channel out! 

The Harlem Shake is everywhere and it's annoying!

Hateful Comments Rant (+Advice)

Draw My Life! 

Also I have been posting a ton of vogs! If I shared them all with you this post would get kind of out of control! So here are my favorites in order from oldest to newest! Again don't forget to like, favorite, and share them! It really makes my channel more awesome! 

YouTube Space + OlgaKay

Totoro Dance!!

CVS Hates the Irish!

Anyways... I hope you like my videos! I am trying really hard to make them better and better!! I have started filming a lot with my DSLR and working on my editing skills! Hopefully there is only up from here! I've also been thinking I want to gt back to blogging more. I know I have made a few posts lately that are geared towards stuff but I want to get back to my LiveJournal roots!! Remember those? LOL I want to get back to writing my blog as a diary and just including people in my life but at the same time video diaries are so easy! Maybe a hybrid? We shall see! heehee! 

I hope all you lovely readers are enjoying your 2013! Let me know how you are doing! 




PS don't I get the most horrible thumbnails?! Gosh! lol

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