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I did Amore's hair last night.

The color and the cut are by me and last night I styled it and did some natural makeup on her and it came out soooooooo pretty!!!!!

Ignore the mess in the background I'm redoing my house.

Yay!!! She looks so hot when she's all done up!!! What do you guys think???

♥ Shawnee

Just me. From afar!

I've had a wonderful weekend. I shall write about it in detail later (maybe tonight maybe a few nights down the road) when I debut a new "Party Pix" section on my site!

Until then I shall leave you with a picture of me drunk as a skunk and lookin' pretty skunky! LOL

Yeah that's right! No extreme close up, no glamour shot, no photoshop (I don't know how to do that anyway), and no myspace angles. Just pure unadulterated (maybe) drunk Shawnee!!!!!

♥ Shawnee

Chuga Chop!

I went to CVS pharmacy the other day and picked up a few things I am IN LOVE with!

First off is this wonderful hair serum! It smells like a yummy coconut!!!! I love things that smell beachy and coconutty ehehehehe!

If you see this in stores around you I urge you to try it out! It's only $6.99 and it's organic!

They were also having a sale on HiP cosmetics buy one get one free! So I got four pots of eye shadow for 12 bucks! Wh00t!

I've never used the HiP line before but I'm trying it out! I love bright high pigmented colors!!!! So I can look like a damned porn star JK

Speaking of makeup...

I am so excited about Mac Minish Arora! Not only does it come it ultra cute packaging but wonderful colors!!! It will be released in North America in October! Yay next month!!!!!

Here is what the line consists of....

A six color eye palette for $38.00

♥ Nylon - Pale gold with icy metallic shimmer
♥ Going Bananas - Soft lemon yellow
♥ Playful - Bright clean pink
♥ Bitter - Vivid bright golden green flecked with shimmer
♥ Electric Eel - Vivid bright blue flecked with shimmer
♥ Deep Truth - Very real truthful dark blue

2 different lipsticks for $14.00 each

♥ Girl About Town - Fabulous fuchsia
♥ Kiss Manish - Frosty mid-tone burnt red

2 different lip glass colors for $14.00 each

♥ Pink Manish - Frosted fuchsia
♥ Shine Manish - Frosty bright orange with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments

Two blush colors for $18.00 each

♥ Devil - Bright iridescent coral orange
♥ Pink Swoon - Clearly pink

I am so buying it all! It looks like princess makeup!!!

On a completely different note I was watching the hills the other day and I decided I hate Spencer even more! Why? Because he cheats at video games! On national TV no less!

You can't stand that close to the screen and shoot! It's like shooting fish in a barrel and what's the fun in that?!

In other weird news I found this on face book...

WTF?! Is that a fencing chipmunk?! I think so! Weirdness!

♥ Shawnee

All I need is a little.... R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!

I HATE when people act like my time is not valuable! Especially people who claim to be my friend.

Ready for a long ass rant? I know you are.

So... let me start off with some examples about how this friend of mine has been acting ever since she got with her boyfriend.

About a month ago she was supposed to do my roots. She said she would do them on a certain day and when the day came she spent it with her boy friend and totally forgot about me. The week after she said she would do them on a day we were both off. Did that happen? No I did my roots my self.

Then I invited her to come with me and my other gal pal to get my tongue pierced and see House Bunny for a girls day out type of thing. What does she do? Bring her boy friend without asking. Now don't get me wrong her boy friend is a cool guy but I was looking forward to a day out with the girls and seeing as how she didn't make the plans for the day and she was not the one driving I really think she should of ASKED if he could tag along. Not TELL me he is coming when we show up to pick her up. I wasn't going to say "No you can't come sorry" so he ended up coming along.

Then we make plans to do her roots. The plan was for her to come over that night and I would do her hair and we would watch some movies and have a girls night. What does she do? She calls me and again TELLS me she will be spending the night at her boy friend's house and she would come over the day after at noon. I expect enough respect for her to at least say something like "Oh your bed is small and it would be more comfortable to sleep at my boy friend's house if that's cool with you?" or "I know we have plans tonight but I would really like to spend the evening at my boy friend's house" or something of that matter instead of just calling me and TELLING me she was going to stay at his house instead.

Then 12:30ish PM the rolls around the next day (mind you she said she would be over at noon) and she calls me informing me she just woke up and she would be over soon. If you have plans to be somewhere at a said time wouldn't you set an alarm or something? I would. Then she shows up well after 1:00 PM WITH her boy friend. Now my house has been having plumbing issues and it's a total wreck and she was well aware of it yet she SHOWS UP ON MY DOOR STEP with him expecting to come in. Then I had to look like the bad guy when I said I didn't feel comfortable with him coming in and I just couldn't have him over. I made plans with her not him! If she wanted to invite him into my house she should have asked me first! Not shown up on my door step with him expecting to be invited in. Especially since she knows how embarrassed I am about my house right now.

Then this Friday we had plans to do my roots and go shopping and have a day of girlieness then go out to the Edison with her boy friend, friend, and friend's dude. So I call her in the morning after I went to the beauty supply and picked up stuff for my hair. No answer. Then I called her again and left a message. No answer. No call back. So once again I end up doing my own roots. Then she TEXTS me saying they aren't going to the Edison at around 7:00 PM. Of course by that time I had no interest in hanging out with her. So I texted her back saying "I figured" then she replied saying she had just gotten a hold of her friend and her friend felt like crap so they are going next friday. I simply replied saying "Congratulations" because I have no intention of making any more plans with this girl.

If she ever wants to hang out with me again she can ask me the day that she wants to hang out with me and MAYBE I'll hang out with her IF I am free and IF I feel like it. Same goes for if she wants her hair done. If it doesn't happen and she has to do it her self OH WELL!!! I have had to do mine on my own thanks to her bailing on me. I'm not going to stay mad at her or hold a grudge but I'm not going to waste my free time on her when I can make plans with people who will stick to them or at least give me notice when they can't make them.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not being a jealous friend. I understand that time with friends greatly decreases when one gets a new boy friend. That's cool. What I have a problem with is being stood up, told what to do, and having plans changing on me without being told.

I also understand someone wanting their friends to hang out with their boy friend to get to know him. That's cool also. It shouldn't be squeezed into plans one has already made with the girls though without prior asking of said girls. It's far better to make separate plans to meet and greet the boy friend or at least call them and say something like "Would you mind if I bring my new boy friend?"

I am so tired of people who claim to be my friend yet disrespect me like that.

Sure she has done plenty nice things for me like buy me dinner when I'm broke but that doesn't really stop me from feeling a bit used. It seems to me like we can only do things her way. This pattern is also showing that sure she shows up when she wants me to do her hair for her but when I want her to do mine or do something with me, like get my tongue pierced, I get stood up or she brings her boy friend without asking.

I have more respect for myself than to put up with this bull shit and believe me when I see her next she will get a piece of my mind.

♥ Shawnee

Politics Schmolitics and other Tomfoolery!

McCain looks nervous....

So... Today it was announced officially that McCain has chosen Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

Now there are some obvious reasons McCain chose Palin....

1. She is pro-life. Some even say she is the most pro-life VP to ever run.

2. She has a strong belief in family. She has had five children one of which she still brought into this world well knowing the child will suffer from Down Syndrome.

3. It has been said she has "beauty pageant" looks.

Sure those are great reasons to pick someone to rule the free world along side you. (Yes... I said rule the free world)


This is how I think it REALLY went down...

McCain: "Fuck... those Democrats have an upper hand on this minority bull shit... they have a black Muslim man for Pete's sake! Get me a fucking woman! STAT! The hottest one you can find!"

News flash! Obama is Christian. He has said it himself that he has been going to the same Christian church for over 20 years and people were just trying to use the fears of terrorism against him.

Ah politics... you can always count on the Americans to make decisions based on rumors, gender, and race.

I think this political race is a joke! Very few care about how able these people are of running a country. They only care if they are black or white and male or female.

Grow a brain America! Please!

♥ Shawnee