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3DS Games I'm Pre-Ordering This Holiday

It's almost the holidays which means Nintendo is releasing ALL OF THE GAMES I WANT!!! Ahhh... goodbye bank account. I want to share with you guys the 3DS games I will be pre-ordering this holiday season!

*LIFE HACK* If you pre-order games on Amazon Pime you get 20% off your game! I'm not paid by Amazon to say that but so many of my friends had no idea! Also I usually get the game a day or two early if I order it on Prime! ^-^ All the links below to get the games are on Amazon so you can save moolah! 


Dragon Quest VII


This one was released yesterday so I've started playing it already! I got super nostalgic while playing it! I've always loved Dragon Quest so much! This one is a re-release of the 2000 game and you know I'm going to play through it every time it comes out again! (Just like Chrono Trigger ahhhh!) Oh Toriyama how I love you so! While unpacking recently I found the guidebook for the original Japanese release. 

Oh the memories... I can't wait for the Dragon Quest VIII re-release to come out later this year! 

Get Dragon Quest VII

Pre-Order Dragon Quest VIII


Yokai Watch 2

Yokai Watch 2 comes in two version (I'm ordering both! SHAMELESS!) Also for a limited time they come with a collectible coin unique to each version and they unlock special Jibanyans! In Yokai Watch 2 you get to travel back in time and see how the Yokai came to our world. Also this one has co-op! You play with your friends, battle, and trade! That's so cool! I'm so excited for this game and I am so happy it was released so quickly after the first one! Both copies of Yokai Watch 2 will be out Sept 30th 2016! That's in a couple weeks! 

Pre-Order Yokai Watch 2 Boney Spirits

Pre-Order Yokai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls 


Disney Magical World

I am SO EXCITED for this game! You have no idea! The first one was SO FUN! I sunk so many hours into it... Disney Magical world is kind of like animal crossing except you run a café and you try to get famous Disney customers to come to your café but wait... THERE'S MORE! You also fight ghosts! You get to visit different Disney worlds and defend them from evil forces! It's so much fun! It comes out Oct 14th and if you pre-order it you get free Frozen outfits! 

Pre-Order Disney Magical World 


Pokémon Sun & Moon

This is the last game I have pre-ordered for the Holiday season. I think... I've ordered the collectors edition that comes in this cool tin on Amazon but I also saw the official collector vault edition on Amazon... I don't know... it looks super cool but they are being very coy about what comes in it and it's $125! 

I'm really excited for the Alola region versions of the Pokémon as well as the adorable Mimikyu! I also really hope you can dress your trainer again! I miss that from X & Y so much! 

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18th! 

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun

Pre-Order Pokémon Moon

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun and Moon Collectors Edition 

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun and Moon Collector Vault Edition 


Prior to this I haven't blogged since Jan 2016. I feel like my life is so fun that I should be blogging about it regularly. So... I'm going to try! At least weekly... 

Thanks for reading! ヾ(^_^)



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