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Disneyland Christmas + My Top 5 Favorite Disney Movies

Hello Lovies!!

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted a blog post ^^; It's been a crazy fun busy past week! I went to Disneyland for my birthday and then again last wednesday! I'm a annual pass holder and I love going but I wanted to get a few quality trips in before the full on Christmas insanity set in. 

One of my favorite parts about visiting Disneyland during Christmas is the parade! It's a rare chance I get to see Duffy since they took out his meet and greet. Here are some pics from the parade this year...

Another great thing at Disneyland this year for the holidays is the Jingle Cruise! Last year the Jingle Cruise was pretty lame with very little put into it but this year they went over the top and the results were hilarious! The jokes were all on point and I loved every minute of it!

Of course another favorite is when the haunted mansion is transformed into Nightmare Before Christmas! Luckily we get a lot longer to enjoy that one because it starts during Halloween! My last favorite thing about holidays at Disneyland is the holiday version of It's A Small World! So FAQin' kawaii! All in all it was a great holiday at Disneyland! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

Speaking of Disney I made this video a while back and never shared it here. It's my top five favorite Disney movies OF ALL TIME! Well... animated movies and I'm not counting Pixar because that just wouldn't be fair ^.~

That's all for now... What are your plans for the holidays?

まったね! ヾ(^_^)
(See You Later!)

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