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Reason 1 why I am boycotting the Olympics this year!

We all know that cats and dogs are used for food in China. It has gone beyond that... WAY beyond that.

I really don't have a problem with them eating dogs and cats. We eat beef and some people find cows to be sacred, pigs as well. It's all about culture barriers.

Imagine taking your little beloved pet dog on a walk only to be stopped by the police and have your dog taken from you. Of course they don't stop there they take a large stick and beat your dog to death, right in front of you.

This is the case for many dog and cat owners in China. They're pets are taken from them and killed right in front of them. People are also putting dogs and cats in bags and leaving them curb side to be picked up and brought to pounds or shall I say death camps. People are willingly handing over their pets due to the propaganda their government has been putting out saying all animals carry diseases that could harm humans.

The pounds store the animals in cages with no room to even move. They also tell the people that anyone can adopt these animals but when people try to they are turned away by guards. There are reports that all 12 pounds are being heavily guarded more like a prison than anything. These pounds are killing hundreds of pets a day.

So you may ask why is this all happening? They wanted to ensure that their country is nice and "clean" for the Olympics. So many people want to protest these happenings but they fear if they do they will be put in jail or worse... killed.

We also brutally kill farm animals and abuse them while they are alive with bad living conditions and such. I do not condone what we do either. Pets are another story. They were apart of a family and are torn away from their loved ones... or worse given up by their loved ones to be tortured and killed.

It makes me sick!

Source : Mail Online News and the LA Times

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Reader Comments (4)

This makes me sick to my stomach..... Who in the right mind would want to do that to an innocent animal..... Animals aren't the only ones who carry diseases HUMANS DO TOO! so what's next the chinks are going to start killing humans because they carry diseases too... Just doesn't make sense to me. I hope they get what's coming to them this is just wrong and those poor animals don't deserve that. I wish those animals could come to Canada theirs a law against animal abuse but it happens here anyways but at lease we know how to respect living creatures.

March 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNicky L

Is this for real? That's awful. Even I can't bear that much cruelty to animals. I share your sentiments. Animals are not the only carriers of diseases. And what's the difference between pigs, cows, birds, dogs, and cats. They're all carriers of diseases, so why is it that they need to beat the crap out dogs and cats.

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterhaopee

I lived in China while your images happening. The only thing that should sick you or anybody else is yourself, because what you posted here are fully bullshit. Firstly, these images were taken AFTER the Olympics. Secondly, the truth is, the government killed dogs and cats because that is a penalty for owners who were failed to register their pets by the "pet registration" due date. Yes, it is too aggressive, but it really reduced the number of cases of pet attacking and everybody feels safer on street after the action. Lots of pet attacks happened during that time in China, including 3 of my friends, so the gov decided to ask all owners to registering and vaccinating their pets. After the due date, the gov sent million of "city management"(that's what they call them) officers to find out and kill all unregistered pets - that's the true story behind the above images. Making rumors will never help you to gain your reputation fool, it will only buy you some **** words and sick who knows the truth.

April 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIan

I love how Ian posted this comment claiming these photos were taken after the Olympics and calling me out on my bullshit. Seriously dude if you want to argue with me you should look at when the article was posted. August 9th 2008. The opening ceremony was August 8th 2008. The DAY before I posted this. So.... my pictures I posted were taken after the Olympics happened? You are oh so knowledgable! I'm sorry but the fact that you can't even get the most basic of facts right totally makes your argument a moot point. Oh well you re all knowing right? LOL I see who the fool is here :) It's you. In case you were wondering.

April 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterAgent Shawnee

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